Executive Committee: 2020

President: John Heins

Vice President: Joann Myers

1st. Past President: Sylvia Marks

2nd. Past President: Matthew Kinservik

Web Wizard: Susan C. Beam (susancheriebeam@gmail.com)

ECI editor: Jim May

Past and Future Conference Chairs: Eleanor Shevlin/Sylvia Marks (2020), Joann Myers (2019), Peter Staffel (2019/2018), Emily Kugler (2017), Marie McAllister (2016), Eleanor Shevlin (2015), Cheryl Wanko (2015), Rodney Mader (2015), Don Mell (2014), Matt Kinservik (2014)

Elected Board Members & Molin Prize Judges: Ellen Moody (2019), Chair; Tony Lee (2018); Beth Lambert (2019). 

Exec. Sec't: Peter Staffel (staffelp@westliberty.edu)

Molin Award Winners: Ms. Paige Deans and Mr. Daniel Froid


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Welcome to EC/ASECS


One of our members, Kevin J. Berland, is the founder, owner, factotum, etc., of the Eighteenth-Century Interdisciplinary Discussion Bulletin Board (C18-L).

 The Society's newsletter, the Eighteenth-Century Intelligencer, formerly the East-Central Intelligencer, is the most substantial of the ASECS-affiliate societies' newsletters, averaging over 70 pages for each of its two annual issues. The editor is James E. May; he can be contacted at jem4@psu.edu.

  For information on membership or on the annual meeting, contact Executive Secretary Peter Staffel at staffelp@westliberty.edu

  The East-Central/American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies held its first meeting in 1970, a few months after the inaugural meeting of the American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies (ACECS), of which it is an affiliate. EC/ASECS's region includes most of the Mid-Atlantic area: Delaware, Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, and West Virginia.   

  The Society meets every fall, usually in October or November. Members represent virtually every discipline related to eighteenth-century studies. Our members hail from coast to coast, from Canada to Mexico, and from various points overseas.


East Central/American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies

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